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Roasted garlic and tomato soup

This recipe and the picture above are from Naturally Ella, a blog about natural and healthy eating. I forgot to take a picture of the soup Z made–oops. I still don’t have a blogger mindset. The recipe for this soup … Continue reading

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Carrot bisque

We’ve had this carrot bisque twice now, and I have to say it’s quite good. It has lots of savory goodness, full of garlic and onions and carrots. There’s even coconut milk in there, but you’d never know. The recipe … Continue reading

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Manzana chili verde and corn bread

It’s exciting week! What? This week Z’s making five new and exciting meals. Sunday’s was manzana chili verde (green apple chili). This was a strange dish. The most prevailing flavors were apple, jalapeƱo, and cilantro. Z liked it a lot. … Continue reading

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Celeriac & Stilton soup

This past week Z has been so excited to make celeriac and Stilton soup. Neither of us knew what celeriac or Stilton tasted like, so I don’t know why he was looking forward to it so much. Maybe because he … Continue reading

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Risotto, pad thai, ratatouille, & lentil soup

Z’s been on a new-recipe kick, so we’ve made lots of new things in the last few weeks. I’ve gotten a bit behind on blogging about our dinners, so you’re going to get several in one post. Mushroom risotto This … Continue reading

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Almost like being there: Panera’s French onion soup

Zach and I made French onion soup tonight, which was exciting. That it was (supposedly) Panera’s recipe was even more exciting. Chopping four onions was less exciting. I think I have a generally good tolerance for chopping onions, meaning it … Continue reading

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