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Winter blues

It seems very unfair to me that I’m here in Los Angeles where it’s warm and sunny when I want to be somewhere that’s cold and wintry and that so many people who are in cold and wintry places would … Continue reading

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Z and G

Birds of a feather.

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Blogs are harder to take care of than puppies

And that is mostly because they’re easier to ignore and the consequences are less dire. I have all these things to blog about (my parents’ visit, moving apartments, heading to Omaha), but I haven’t written about any of them. I … Continue reading

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“You expect me to use that?”

It’s not uncommon for people to come into the store I work at, beeline to the counter, and ask where the restroom is. There is no restroom in the store, so I direct people to the nearest public restroom, which … Continue reading

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WTCSIMB, pt. 4

Customer: Hi, I can’t remember the name of this book, but it’s about a really smart monkey. Me: Is it fiction? C: Yeah. I think the monkey’s name is Raphael. M: Are you thinking of¬†Ishmael? C: Yes, that’s it! C: … Continue reading

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This new thing I’m into

Instead of going to the library for books or getting music from friends, I’ve been buying things lately. It’s, like, this fad I’m into right now, supporting artists. Maybe it’s the indie bookstore influence, or maybe it’s that I no … Continue reading

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People often call or visit the bookstore I work at and ask us to make a special order for them. There’s no way we can stock every book people want to buy, but we’re happy to order books for no … Continue reading

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