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Crochet ellie

My aunt-in-law gave me this wonderful rainbow-colored yarn for Christmas as well as a bunch of different-sized crochet hooks (!!). When I saw the yarn I thought it would be wonderful for little kids toys, so I spent a while … Continue reading

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Winter pom-pom hat

What a bad blogger I’ve been! I blogged almost every day in Cambridge, and now look at me. Despite my poor blogging performance, I’ve been crocheting some quality items. My favorite is a winter hat I made for myself. I … Continue reading

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Crochet pattern: Basket-weave pillowcase

My mother-in-law recently crocheted an afghan for Zach and me, and since she had a few extra skeins of yarn, she gave those to me as well. At first, I didn’t know what to do with them. Then I thought … Continue reading

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Crochet banana cozy

I finished this banana cozy today. I think it turned out really well, but Z can’t stop making lewd* jokes about it. I tried to make it as nonphallic-looking as possible, but guess what shape a banana is? I made … Continue reading

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Crochet apple cozy

Like it? Apple cozies are really easy to make and protect your apples when you carry them around in a backpack or purse. But mostly they’re just cute. There are several free patterns available online (like here and here). My … Continue reading

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Calm cowl

Thanks to the convenience of Pinterest, the pattern for this scarf fell into my hands. I think it’s a beautiful design and yields a lovely end product. You can grab the pattern, too, but you may have to jump through … Continue reading

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A mid-skill crocheter

I’m starting to consider myself a mid-level crocheter. I’ve made lots of things (4 pairs of legwarmers, almost 4 scarves, 2 hats, 2 pouches, 1 Kindle case, 1 hot pad, and 1 flower (tutorial)) and have found my bearings. The … Continue reading

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