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From the shelf: “Endurance”

Let me tell you about the most amazing thing I’ve read: Shackleton’s voyage is unbelievable. It’s 1914, and Shackleton wants to be the first person to completely cross Antarctica. He collects a crew, some scientists, a photographer, an artist, and … Continue reading

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Friends don’t let friends run marathons alone

There’s something especially wonderful about being around old friends. You slip into a version of yourself that is so comfortable and understood. I hung out with a bunch of people I’ve known a very long time (and a few I … Continue reading

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Second read: “Slaughterhouse-Five”

Slaughterhouse-Five is the first book I read by Vonnegut, and I read it as a junior in high school. My English teacher assigned it, and I thought she was the coolest teacher in the world. We read about war, about … Continue reading

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Winter blues

It seems very unfair to me that I’m here in Los Angeles where it’s warm and sunny when I want to be somewhere that’s cold and wintry and that so many people who are in cold and wintry places would … Continue reading

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From the shelf: “The Buried Giant”

The Buried Giant is another ARC I got at work. I’d been curious about Kazuo Ishiguro for a while, and wanted to read something by him. His most famous books are┬áThe Remains of the Day and┬áNever Let Me Go. NLMG … Continue reading

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From the shelf: “Ashes in My Mouth, Sand in My Shoes”

I can’t recall whether I’ve talked about ARCs (advance reader’s copies, also known as previews) before, and I’m too lazy to check. ARCs are these magical books that are sent to bookstores and authors and I don’t know who else … Continue reading

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From the shelf: “Yes Please”

My beautiful friend Celeste gave me this book, and it was a really good gift. Amy Poehler is bomb, and she writes like a rockstar. (But not actually like a rockstar but like a writer.) She’s so incredibly funny and … Continue reading

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