From the shelf: “Endurance”

Let me tell you about the most amazing thing I’ve read: Shackleton’s voyage is unbelievable. It’s 1914, and Shackleton wants to be the first person to completely cross Antarctica. He collects a crew, some scientists, a photographer, an artist, and a bunch of husky dogs and starts his journey to the South Pole. They attempt to sail through the Wedell Sea off the coast of Antarctica, but before they reach land their ship gets trapped between huge ice floes, each many feet thick. They wait and wait for the ice to break apart but instead pressure mounts and begins crushing their boat. Soon they find themselves living on a mass of floating ice with no ship, no radio, and no hope of rescue. They must find their own way to survive and their own way back to civilization.

My perfect Pan gave this perfect book to me for Christmas. The writing is a delight, and the story is simply incredible. I had to keep reminding myself it wasn’t fiction. I had so much fun reading this book–when I finished, I was tempted to turn back to page one and start all over again!

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One Response to From the shelf: “Endurance”

  1. Loved this book so much. It’s so awesome. Thanks for the quick synopsis!

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