From my dad’s shelf: “The Reivers”

The Reivers is a comedy by William Faulkner. Until my dad told me about it, I didn’t know Faulkner wrote comedies. But I’m not an expert on his works–the only other book I’ve read by him is As I Lay Dying.  The Reivers is pretty funny. Lucius Priest (an 11-year old) and Boon Hogganbeck steal Lucius’s grandfather’s automobile (a rarity at the time) to take it for a joyride to Memphis. Along the way they discover someone they know stowed in the back: Ned McCaslin. The three of them have a wild time getting stuck in mud holes, meeting women of the night, and participating in horse races. A tooth goes missing. They sneak on a train. It’s a wild ride. And it’s written in this sort of rhythmic, circular way. Faulkner’s style really is his own. I quite enjoyed this romp of a tale.

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