From a friend’s shelf: “Solace”

K. Solace by Belinda McKeon. This is by an Irish person about loss. Heather, I don’t know for sure, but you may not like it. Zach borrowed it from a friend during his Irish-loss phase. Because I like Zach and our friend Will and because Ireland publishes some boss books I read it.

It starts out about these two young people, Mark and Joanne, who accidentally have a baby. Then while they’re visiting Mark’s parents in the country there’s an accident, and Joanne and Mark’s mom die. Mark and Mark’s dad Tom are of course devastated and try to carry on in their own ways. Mark takes his baby girl Aoife (I’m in love with this name) back to Dublin, where he’s finishing his graduate thesis (boring). Tom stays on his farm in the country and starts making questionable business decisions. Mark and Tom have never understood each other well but suddenly find themselves needing each other in different ways.

There were many parts of this story that I didn’t find very interesting or compelling, mostly things about the setup. Then there were parts that I thought were exceedingly good. Toward the end there are these scenes where Tom keeps trying to call Mark because something has gone wrong, but Mark has stopped answering calls from his dad because he’s overwhelmed and upset and also being a bit of a prick. I was so stressed out by this–probably more stressed than I should have been. Deep breaths.

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