From the shelf: “Nightwoods”

 I’d been eyeing this book for months before I closed my eyes and bought it. It’s by Charles Frazier, and he wrote Cold Mountain, and I love Cold Mountain (maybe an all-time fave), and I was nervous that Nightwoods wouldn’t be as good. Well, it wasn’t as good. But that’s OK because I still had a good time reading it, and I still think Cold Mountain is as good as I remember it.

Nightwoods is a slim book about Luce, a loner living on the edge of a small, South-Carolinian town, who takes in her murdered sister’s two children. Luce isn’t used to being around kids, and these kids are pretty odd. They don’t talk, and they take delight in destruction. But this book isn’t so much about the misadventures of a spinster dealing with kids as it is a tale of survival. The kids have been through some trauma, so has Luce, and trouble is coming for them.

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One Response to From the shelf: “Nightwoods”

  1. cellenbogen says:

    Agreed. I think Frazier is unlike any other writer working today and though I haven’t loved all parts of everything, I can’t wait for what’s next.

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