Then there were three!


We finally have a cat!

Name: Gigi, formerly Brigitte
Age: 7 years old
Breed: Siamese mix
Eyes: Blue
Coat: Brown, white, black
Nose: Pink
Size: Small

She has slippers!      Watching Breaking Bad

We adopted Gigi from a friend of a friend last week. I was nervous she wouldn’t take to us and her new home right away, but that proved needless. She already has some favorite places to sit (on the ottoman, the Poäng, and in the nook beside the futon), and we’ve found some toys she likes. She enjoys being petted and will meow for attention. She also meows when she’s hungry. She meows a lot–not because we ignore her or don’t feed her. She’s just vocal. Sometimes she’ll sit on the couch or futon with us for a quick episode of Breaking Bad or a movie (we all watched Dallas Buyers Club last night), and she loves burrowing under the covers of our bed.

I like having a cat around again. I grew up with a cat and have missed my parents’ two cats since I moved away. Z and I had been thinking of adopting for a while but couldn’t decided whether to get one cat or two. When we learned Gigi needed a new home, that decided everything for us. Although I would have enjoyed having a kitten, Gigi is a great cat, and we’re pleased to welcome her to the family!

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2 Responses to Then there were three!

  1. Kitty says:

    Your mother in law was just bragging to me today about her new grandcat! So cute!

  2. Sharon Thomsen says:

    Congratulations to the happy family! :) She is super cute!

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