2013 reads in review

A little over a year ago I blogged about how I don’t make New Year’s resolutions but goals instead, and then I just talked about books. In 2012 I finished reading 27 books, so I thought my goal for the next year should be to read 30. That didn’t happen. I read, let’s see, only 18 books. But I get a consolation for having read more pages in 2013 than in 2012. In 2012 I read 7,958 pages, and I blew that figure out of the water by reading 9,681 last year. I read a lot of long books. That would include the first four books in the Game of Thrones series and Anna Karenina and Moby-Dick.

Last year was not a good year for favorite books. Although I enjoyed almost everything I read, none of them grabbed me by the teeth or pulled my heart out. But for the year my favorite books would probably be The Devil in the White City and Contempt of Court. My dad leant me CoC, and I was totally fascinated by it. It’s about this old trial from ~1903 where this African American man gets the death penalty pinned of him for a crime it’s incredibly unlikely he committed and the corruption of the state courts and how the Supreme Court stepped in and all this stuff. It’s written in an accessible yet not patronizing way and does a great job of setting the scene, so the reader gets a much better idea what life was like at this time and in Chattanooga in particular. I’d recommend that book to about anyone. I was actually obsessed with it while I was reading it, so maybe I can bump it to almost-favorite status. I bet my dad would lend it to any of his friends who want to read it.

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One Response to 2013 reads in review

  1. Sharon Thomsen says:

    Kaitlyn, that book sounds fascinating. I will ask your dad about borrowing it, but I have been reading a long, fairly intense book this whole past year, too, Doris Kearns Goodwin’s Team of Rivals (one of the books Spielberg based his movie, Lincoln, on), so I probably will wait till I finish that, since I’m only on page 458, out of 754 pages. I appreciate you sticking with Anna Karenina! That is an accomplishment! If you like history and or political science, I highly recommend Team of Rivals – and if you are specifically interested in civil rights and the birth of that movement in the US, even more so. Thanks for the info on Contempt of Court! (I apologize for the lack of italics for all these titles…. I can’t seem to find an option to italicize on my laptop.) :)

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