The Festival of Chariots

Before this becomes too untimely, I witnessed LA’s Festival of Chariots two weeks ago at Venice Beach.

The Chariots

I took this from a balcony above the parade, and that's why the angle is terrible.The main feature is the chariots. Several of them parade down the boardwalk from Santa Monica and eventually park at Venice Beach. There’s lots of Hare Krishna chanting, and all the people walking with the chariots seem to have a pretty good time.

The Free Feast

These people would NOT get out of my shot.Unfortunately, I was a little too early for the feast. Traditional Indian fare is served (lots of rice and vegetables), and it’s free! I bet it’s a big hit.

The Booths

There were several stages set up for musicians and speakers and many others with information about Hinduism. People were milling around in what looked to me like traditional Indian garb. Lots of people were handing out fliers about Hinduism and yoga. It was quite an event.




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