“You expect me to use that?”

It’s not uncommon for people to come into the store I work at, beeline to the counter, and ask where the restroom is. There is no restroom in the store, so I direct people to the nearest public restroom, which is visible through our front window. The title of this post is not a direct quote from anyone, but I think it’s sometimes implied.

C: “Excuse me. If I buy this book, could I use your bathroom?”
M: “We don’t have a bathroom.”
C: “Ok. Here’s your book.”

People get pretty uppity sometimes. They’ll say the public restrooms are gross (which I’m sure is sometimes true), ask if there are other restrooms around, or ask if the restaurant next door has a restroom. I don’t have a list of every restroom on the beach, but I assume the big, public restrooms wouldn’t have been built if there were plenty of other options around. And I’m surprised at how many people think it’s fine to use a business’s restroom without patronizing it. Of course, the big restaurant next door has a restroom, but it’s for their customers, so I’m not going to send people over there (unless they need to change a baby or something).

A typical public restroom on the beach. These are scattered along the ocean front.

When I tell people the store doesn’t have a restroom, they occasionally ask me where I go. This bothers me because it makes me think they either think I’m a liar or they deserve special treatment. The store literally does not have a restroom.

C: “Are those big public restrooms the only public restrooms around?”
M: “Yep.”
C: “Really? You’d think there’d be something more.”

I don’t know what some of these guys are expecting. The beach is dirty and outdoors. Aye yai yai. Sometimes people are cool, though, and are honestly looking for the nearest restroom. Some say thank you. But that’s probably enough bathroom talk.

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