WTCSIMB, pt. 3

Customer: “Where’s the cat?”

C: “Do you have any paperbacks?”

C: “Do you have, like, and 18-and-older section?”
Me: “No.”
C: “Do you have a restricted section, like in Harry Potter?”

C: “Do you have a fax machine?”

C: “Is that your cat?”
M: “The store cat.”
C: “Is it a boy or a girl.”
M: “Boy.”
C: “He didn’t really move when I petted him. I guess he’s ok.”
M: “He’s really chill.”
C: “You have a great shop.”
M: “Thank you.”
C: “I really love the atmosphere.”
M: “Thank you.”
C: “I’m a really bad supporter of the industry. I have a Kindle, so I don’t spend money in bookstores.”
M: “Ok . . .”
C: “You have a great day!”

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One Response to WTCSIMB, pt. 3

  1. Sara Thomsen says:

    I like to imagine that this is one person asking you all these silly questions.

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