Alicia brings in spring

I don’t have spring breaks anymore. Instead, I have a fun and easy job where I only work four days a week, I have a beautiful spouse, and I live in a city of perpetual spring. This year I had the added pleasure of spending time with Alicia and Celeste last week during what was many’s spring break.

I thought about not even posting about this because my pictures from the event are so atrocious. I asked Celeste to send me the picture she took of the three of us at the planetarium so I could post it, but she hasn’t.

Cel and Alicia did lots of fun things together. One day they went to a taping of Dr. Phil. I met them afterward at this super-cool coffeeshop called the Bourgeois Pig. Then we went to the Griffith Observatory, which is where the planetarium is, took in a show and looked at the moon through a giant telescope.

Griffith Observatory

Contemplating the universe can really make you hungry for waffles, so we headed to Roscoe’s for dinner. Roscoe’s is famous for pairing fried chicken with waffles, but waffles were enough for Alicia and me.

Roscoe’s waffles = amazing

I’m so glad I was able to hang out with them while Alicia was in town. It was a joy.

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