Triscuits and coffee

For some while I’ve been trying to be more exerciseful with my life but am having trouble getting the timing down. My goal is to exercise at least every day I don’t go to work, and I only work four days, so I think of it as exercising half the days of the week. That’s fine.

Where I hit trouble is when to exercise on my free days. What I’d like to do is wake up, eat breakfast, exercise, shower, done. I can now do other things. Except it’s not that simple. I can’t just ingest a bowl of cereal and cup of coffee and then yoga or zumba or whatever silly thing I’ve picked out for myself (I’ve been doing this wall thing lately–I don’t know). So I have to wait between b-fast and exercise. Then I exercise, and then I shower. This takes up WAY too much of my day. It’s usually into the early afternoon that I’m ready to deal with my tasks, and if they involve LA driving YOU KNOW it’s better to do that in the morning.

I talked with Z about this, thinking he might know more about “exercise” than I. (I mean, if I’m going to be honest, this is all his fault anyway. For many years I didn’t mess with breakfast and relied on a couple of Triscuits and coffee for all my morning needs, but now I’m addicted to cereal, and that leads to the waiting before exercise and my problem. Plus, he makes delicious food that I want to eat all of, and that makes the exercise even more essential.) He said I should exercise BEFORE eating. To this I said, “What?! But JT (college chum) was always criticized for running every morning and NOT eating breakfast.” So Z said eat something small (a Cheerio?) and then exercise and then eat breakfast. I tried this once and found it difficult. You see, I generally use hunger (well, hunger or coffee) to get me out of bed when I could otherwise stay there quite a while. Exercise does not make me want to get out of bed.

Ugh. You see what a troubled life I lead? So now it’s 12:21 PST, and I haven’t exercised. I’ve taken an unusually long break after breakfast because I noticed I hadn’t yet blogged in March. And this ties into another issue. It’s 12:22 now. Consider what time I’m likely to enjoy lunch (taco salad today!) since I’ve yet to exercise and shower. Perhaps I should scrap the whole thing. How people exercise before getting to their jobs at 8a is incomprehensible.

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7 Responses to Triscuits and coffee

  1. Jonna Sue says:

    It is also a challenge for me! Let me know how you come to a decision that works :)

  2. Danny says:

    When I was backpacking in New Mexico, we would often hike 6 miles before eating breakfast. It was quite invigorating! On the other hand I think the to eat or not to eat principle is more important or less depending on how intense your workout will be. Lets say you do something mild for 30 min. You’re probably ok not eating till after. On the other hand if you’re going to Run 3+ miles or do something that will deplete a lot of energy, you may need to eat something first to give you energy to burn in the first place. I find particularly with running or lifting weights that I need food energy first or else I’m dead in the water and exercise isn’t any fun and feels like death. I dont’ know what zumba or yoga is so.. I thought Yoga was either a former New York Yankee, or a cartoon bear who steals lunch baskets.

  3. Ronnie says:

    That’s my boy ! Gotta have that bowl of cheerios in the morning. I’m with Z…eat something light, then exercise, then reward yourself with breakfast, then get on with your day !

  4. David Morrison says:

    Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. If you aren’t home by then, you are in real trouble.

  5. back when I actually exercised, I would often do it at night to avoid the whole breakfast fiasco. But then you have to shower at night, or potentially take two showers in one day, which is terrible. It’s hard!

  6. Alexis says:

    I like having half a nature valley or Cliff crunch bar before I exercise……they aren’t too heavy in my stomach while I run and they go well with coffee :)

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