It isn’t terribly romantic

Z got home around 6p today, but I had to close at work and didn’t get home till after 8:30p. We didn’t go out to eat, but Z prepared some of our favorite foods (stuffed peppers, “Norterburn fries,” and wine). He gave me a lovely little ring, which I knew was coming, and surprised me with a small fan to replace my dearly beloved dying one. (I like having a fan running when I’m trying to sleep at night.) I had a couple of things for him, too, nothing terribly romantic but nice. However, how we did or didn’t celebrate this year doesn’t matter. We’re thrilled to be together, both as a couple and spatially. Last year we were in different countries, and today he was waiting at home for me.

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3 Responses to It isn’t terribly romantic

  1. Cindy says:

    Lovely ring!
    Lovely that you two could be together this year!

  2. celflo says:

    Love this!!

  3. That ring is beautiful!!

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