Moroccan chickpea soup

The red stuff in the middle is "coulis."Chickpeas are great–on that we can all agree. This Moroccan chickpea soup was quite good. If I remember correctly (we ate this a while ago), it had a definite chickpea flavor but also that of garlic, cumin, carrot, cayenne, onion, and red pepper. The coulis (red sauce in the center) tasted strongly of vinegar and red pepper (the vinegar gets subdued if you mix it in with the rest of the soup, which I did).

The recipe comes from A Beautiful Bowl of Soup (first mention!–I think), which is a cute cookbook full of vegetarian soup recipes (and has great pictures). We’ve had this cookbook since college, and though it’s full of recipes for delicious soups, we haven’t yet made many. Most of the recipes call for lots of spices and other good things, but until last August we’d never been settled together long enough to fill out our pantry and spice collection. No one wants to buy a half dozen spices to use once or twice and then leave behind somewhere.

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