Young people blah blah blah

Within the last week I have received two separate complaints about young people: 1) young people don’t have manners and 2) young people don’t say “bless you.” These really are the same issue, but they were brought up by two different people. To this I say 1) “good” manners are constantly changing and 2) so? There are lots of old-fashioned forms of etiquette that are laughable now, and even on a smaller scale there’s a generational divide. I mean, I would never text my grandparents to thank them for a gift (not that that is by definition bad manners, but I don’t have a texting-type relationship with them), but I totally would text a peer. I guess the bless-you guy thought it was rude that I didn’t bless my boss. I think it’s rude for him to complain about young people in front of someone who appears to be a young person–can you imagine complaining about old people in front of them? (And I’m not saying that because he made me look bad in front of my boss because he definitely didn’t. We’re a very forward-thinking group.) That’s all to say I’ve just been thinking about generational differences lately, and that one has been repeatedly pointed out to me.

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