Loyal locals & new kid’s classics

I’ve complained a couple of times about customers at work, but those bad ones are the exceptions. Most of our customers are polite, patient humans who just want to browse or buy a book. Theft is relatively low (book shoppers are inherently good people), and only one customer has used a negative tone with me (I’d made a mistake). A lot of authors shop there (though not any I was already familiar with), and occasionally a famous person drops by. And since the store’s in a tourist-dense location, I talk with people from across the world (the world including the Midwest) all the time. I love that.

One small thing that brought me delight recently was seeing this gem appear in the store:

Hous Held Up By TreesTed Kooser, the author, lives in Nebraska and teaches at UNL. I never had him as a professor, but he was very sweet the few times I ran into him in the English Department. Jon Klassen, the illustrator (and a great illustrator at that–award winning!) wrote and illustrated these two books, which are pretty darn funny:

I Want My Hat BackThis Is Not My HatI haven’t interacted with children’s books in a long time. There are some good ones.

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