All my friends are here!

And if you’re not my friend, you’re not here. Right? No. Three of my favorite people are visiting including my much-missed bestfriend. So far we (Z, Cel, and I) haven’t shown them (Sara, Adam, and Kitty) much of LA. We’ve mostly hung around home, eaten delicious home cooking, and driven to the airport a lot–Z, Sara, and I even made an emergency trip to the airport to help one of our UCLA friends catch his flight home.

But now that we’re all here, we’re finally going to celebrate Thanksgiving. Z has already been cooking this morning, and he has lots of surprises planned for us. Cel, Sara, and Kitty are on their way over right now, I have to run to the post office to mail my third Etsy sale (!), and I haven’t even showered yet. Ah!

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One Response to All my friends are here!

  1. Kitty says:

    Thanksgiving and a third etsy sale!!! What a wonderful week :)

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