“Spring and by Summer Fall”

The seasons have not changed in sunny, southern California. Today’s high was in the 90s (°F), and tomorrow’s high is supposed to be in the 90s. It feels like time is on a loop, and each day is just like the last. Only when I remind myself that it’s October do I realize something’s awry.

Fall has always been a great season for me. Fall is the season of my birthday and Thanksgiving. Summer ends (I’m not a summer person), the sweaters come out, socks begin to reemerge, and I start drinking hot coffee again. The air starts crisping, leaves change colors, and once in a while it snows. These are all things I’m used to. Despite what the calendar says, fall has not struck Los Angeles.

I’m curious to see what the cold seasons are like in LA. Will they really be cold? Will I unpack my winter things? Will I get to wear scarves? Nobody knows.

I’m going to Kansas this weekend for my cousin’s wedding. I don’t know what to pack.

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One Response to “Spring and by Summer Fall”

  1. Stephanie Morrill says:

    Your sweaters! It will definitely feel like fall here on Saturday. Looking forward to seeing you!

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