No more job applications!

The torture is over! I have sent in my last job application and gone to my last interview (for a few years, at least). A charming independent bookstore just hired me, and I’m so excited to start working for them. The woman who interviewed me was so funny and talked with so much warmth, and everyone else there was really friendly, too.

Here are some pluses of the job:

  1. I’ll be working in a casual environment, not some stuffy, we-think-we’re-important type of place.
  2. I’ll be working with books.
  3. The other people there seem to really like books.
  4. I don’t have to wear business or business-casual clothes. I can wear almost whatever I want.
  5. I can wear unprofessional nail polish. (I haven’t worn nail polish for years, but just this summer I’ve gotten into it.)
  6. The store’s location is amazing.
  7. There’s a store cat. I. Love. Cats.

Also, I hate interviews. I’m almost disappointed when I’m asked for an interview. I hate trying to impress people, wearing awful, stuffy clothes, trying to come up with acceptable answers to ridiculous questions, just all of it. My interview at this bookstore was really good, though. The woman who interviewed me didn’t ask the typical what’s-your-weakness type of questions. The whole thing felt much more like a natural conversation. And thanks to this job offer, I was able to cancel my upcoming interview. Yay!

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9 Responses to No more job applications!

  1. I am still SOOOO excited for you.

  2. Sidney says:


  3. Kitty says:

    Phew…good thing you listened to me (and not Z) about what to wear for your interview! I’m so excited to hear about how much you love your job! I’m super jealous :)

  4. This is so fantastic!!! I’m ridiculously excited for you!!!!!

  5. Danny Sabra says:

    i hope you buy me a lot of books

  6. Yay for indy bookstores! Can’t wait to hear more about it :)

  7. Patty Coffman says:

    So happy for you, Katie! It really does sound like the perfect job for you! Enjoy!

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