Where’s my head at? L.A.

It always takes some time for me to familiarize myself with new places and things. When we first moved to Los Angeles I wasn’t actually that excited about it, despite what I may have said. I missed Nebraska pretty bad and felt like I hadn’t spent enough time there this summer before leaving again. Although Nebraska has neither the beauty of Cambridge nor the flash of LA, it’s special to me.

I also wasn’t super excited because I’d moved so much the last year and a half. I moved from Lincoln to Papillion, picked up a new and permanent roommate, moved across the Atlantic to Cambridge, came back to Papillion because I was detained in France, got a visa and flew back to Cambridge, moved back to Nebraska, and then moved to LA. That’s quite a bit of moving around, so excuse me if I wasn’t really eager to go exploring my newest city after I got here. I’d been exploring new places for months.

I’m finally starting to feel like I know what I’m doing here, though. I want to do exciting things again, and I am going to do exciting things. To kick things off, this Saturday I’m seeing Nick Offerman (known to many as Ron Swanson) do some standup. Oh, yeah.

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One Response to Where’s my head at? L.A.

  1. Sharon says:

    Katie, it warms my heart to realize you were not completely dazzled by the LA flash, and that you actually miss our beloved little spot on the big, big globe. Be assured, Nebraska misses you, too!!! I was profoundly sad (and NOT just because I was jealous!) when you and Zach headed off for sunny beaches, year-round roller blading, and palm trees. And I am certainly not the only one who feels that Nebraska needs a healthy infusion of Z&K, whenever possible.

    But Ron Swanson doing standup? I’m thinking this LA thing might have some appeal on my level, after all…. I can’t even imagine what fun you are going to have. ;)

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