Beautiful, sad songs

You know those nights when you just want to listen to a lot of beautiful, sad sounds for no apparent reason? I’ve had some of those. When I have them, I often listen to these songs:

“On the Nature of Daylight,” Max Richter

If this song seems familiar, you might remember it from Shutter Island. Or, you simply might have heard it before.

“Metamorphosis 2,” Philip Glass

The first time I heard this song, my bestfriend (one word) was playing it at her senior recital. I literally teared up.

“Départs,” David Lang

Lang was commissioned to write a song for a hospital morgue, and “Départs” was the result. He said he wanted to write a song that let people know it’s OK to feel something without telling them what to feel. You can hear more about what Lang has to say about creating this song at (The pictures in this video are of the morgue where this song plays.)

“Your Hand in Mine (With Strings),” Explosions in the Sky

This is one of my favorite Explosions songs, and luck me, there are three versions of it. So this is my favorite of my favorites. It’s also not really sad, and that’s nice.

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2 Responses to Beautiful, sad songs

  1. Danny Sabra says:

    David Lang is like a big deal in the music composition community! Kudo’s on having your ear to the ground! Also On The Nature of Daylight is one of my all time favorite pieces of music EVER.

  2. I’d never heard the Max Richter piece – I love it! Way to go.

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