Californians heart grocery stores

Holy smokes, guys, there must be nothing Californians care more about than grocery-store access because they’re everywhere. There are a thousand within walking distance of my apartment. Really.

  • Vons: 0.08 miles away
  • Ralph’s: 0.3 mi
  • Trader Joe’s: 0.4 mi
  • Albertsons: 0.4 mi–Literally across the street from Trader Joe’s.
  • (Another) Trader Joe’s: 0.5 mi
  • Whole Foods: 0.6 mi

I can easily walk to any of these. I’ve walked to Trader Joe’s (the closer one) twice this week. I bought some green tea mochi today, and I’m looking forward to eating them.

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2 Responses to Californians heart grocery stores

  1. I love mochi! That sounds so delicious.

  2. Kitty says:

    Your mother was telling me you were super close to a Trader Joes! How lucky. No one deserves being that close to a TJ more than you two :)

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