Pinterest workout shirt

Everybody* has seen the Pinterest workout shirt, am I right?

I decided to make one for myself. If you have a sharp eye, you may have noticed it on my blog already. Yes, I wore it biking!

It was definitely functional and easy to make. I would advise being careful when cutting the sleeves off your t-shirt–cut as close to the seam as possible and then adjust. It’s also tricky to make the shirt symmetrical. The back of mine is uneven, but I’m done trying to fix it. So, whatever, make one if you want to.

A workout shirt I nearly love is Old Navy’s bubble tank.

This shirt is practically perfect for doing yoga. It has a razorback (back?) so it won’t bunch up around my shoulders and a drawstring waist to keep it from rising up. So good, right? My yoga instructor in Cambridge wore this style of shirt often, and I was so jealous of her well-suited attire. Then I was so happy when I found basically the same shirt and it was only $17.

*Everybody on Pinterest and/or with a uterus.
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One Response to Pinterest workout shirt

  1. Lindsay says:

    I’m so inspired! Totally making one today.

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