A new cousin-in-law

It’s kind of weird when new people become part of my family, but so far it has worked out really well.

Kayla, a sweet person I’d gone to high school with, just married Zach’s cousin Tim. The ceremony was sweet, and Kayla looked beautiful. Everyone could tell they really like each other.

Zach was busy being a groomsmen most of the time, but we managed to see each other every now and then.

I kept company with these two hooligans. Heather and David rank among our favorites. We’re sitting across from my parents-in-law, who kept us laughing all night.

Although we did hit the dance floor for a while, we also played a few rounds of Hearts. I mean, who doesn’t bring a pack of cards to a wedding?

The weekend was hectic, what with preparing for the wedding and trying to spend as much time with the out-of-towners as possible, but incredibly fun. Tim and Kayla are now honeymooning in Hawaii, and I’d be lying if I claimed not to be jealous. I spent my Sunday morning watching Federer win his 7th Wimbledon and eating cereal. Not too shabby. Then I spent the rest of the day sending happy thoughts to Celeste, who I hope had an amazing birthday.

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2 Responses to A new cousin-in-law

  1. Heather says:

    We MISS you, cousin-in-law! Come play French tarot with us!

  2. Z Norwood says:

    “A groomsmen”? I did a lot that weekend, but I think I served as only one groomsman.

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