Independence Day gamin’

Independence Day is one of my least favorite holidays. It’s hot, it’s loud, it’s no good. The food isn’t even that great. It’s just a greater quantity and selection of your basic summer foods. And don’t get me started on fireworks–can you say fiscally irresponsible?

Despite all this, I typically have a pretty good time on July 4th, and this year’s I-Day was awesome. I hung out with my grandparents, the Thomsens plus Henry, and got to meet some new people. Good crew. We had a delicious dinner consisting of stuffed mushrooms, black bean and Boca burgers (the home-made black-bean burgers were a hit), kebobbed vegetables (and chicken for the meat eaters), zucchini and summer-squash fries, watermelon, and cranberry-walnut-feta salad. And that’s not all. The Thomsens brought over two delicious home-made pies: apple (duh) and strawberry rhubarb.

Instead of lighting/watching fireworks after dinner, we played games. Sara and I “won” croquet, and then we had a great round of Beyond Balderdash. Now I really need to go to bed.

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