Seitanic red and white bean jambalaya

Zach and I have a couple of new cookbooks: Veganomicon and Vegan with a Vengeance. (No, we’re not vegans, but there’s no doubt eating more vegan meals would be better for us and the planet.) Both books are by Isa Chandra Moskowitz. She seems pretty legit and doesn’t mind showing her sense of humor in her books. The first recipe we tried was for blueberry corn pancakes (Veganomicon recipe here)–delicious. I’m sure some of you are wondering about these corn pancakes. Let me assure you there are no corn kernels present. They’re made with cornmeal.

The second recipe was “seitanic red and white bean jambalaya” (see that coming?). It was hearty, spicy, yummy, and also from Veganomicon. Zach did about 98 percent of the cooking while I bought groceries from Target and washed a few dishes. He’s so good. You can find the recipe here on Google Books.

I suppose now might be a nice time to talk about seitan, otherwise known as wheat gluten. It’s a meat substitute that isn’t soy based (tofu and tempeh are soy based). Seitan is denser than tofu, doesn’t seem to absorb flavor as much as tofu, and reminds me of meat more than tofu does. It actually kind of freaked me out, because I felt like I was eating chicken (though my mom assures me it’s nothing like chicken).

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2 Responses to Seitanic red and white bean jambalaya

  1. DMM says:

    Ooooh, I love this word seitanic.

  2. Sidney says:

    That looks absolutely delicious!!!

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