Why, Suzanne?

Let’s talk about Mockingjay. First of all,

major spoiler alert!

I’m about to give away the entire ending of The Hunger Games trilogy. If you are remotely interested in reading them or haven’t finished reading them, get off my blog now! Don’t even let your eyes drift down. The entire series will be ruined if you read what’s below the graphic.

So many things were disappointing about the end. Firstly, Finnick dies. He was so great, and poor Annie is without him again. But because Finnick impregnated her before he died everything’s OK, right? I hate when writers do this. It’s OK that your lover’s gone since you have his kid. It’s such a cheap way to try to pacify readers/watchers. So Finnick’s death is disappointment #1, and the Annie-plus-child bit is my first bone with Suzanne.

Disappointment #2 is Prim dying. So sad.

Disappointment #3: Katniss ends up with Peeta (those names always annoyed me, especially Peeta). This upset me only in that I didn’t get my way. I understand her wanting to be with Peeta because he’s sweet and has other good qualities. What I don’t understand is why Gale suddenly doesn’t care about being near Katniss. He may be kind of cold, and he’s really into the revolution, but he’s also supposed to be in love with Katniss, so it doesn’t make sense that he just disappears. Suzanne may as well have killed him in the revolution.

I can get over all those disappointments. I’m used to having favorite characters die in stories or the wrong couple forming. Whatever. What I really hated was the epilogue: “Life goes on, and I have kids.” So cheap and so unnecessary. The story already wrapped up. Why add some lame thing about way off in the future? I felt like I was reading the end of Harry Potter and a thousand other books all over again. I hate that ending. It makes a clean and possibly poignant ending kitschy. It’s a lazy way to try to make readers happy, a cheap plot device.

The end of Mockingjay definitely detracted from the series. For me.

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3 Responses to Why, Suzanne?

  1. DMM says:

    I concur about the bad ending.

    The love triangle was weaksauce all along (by far my least favorite part of the series), but the resolution was the worst. Either Peeta or Gale needed to die. She should have had one of them die in some heroic way, though (Peeta sacrificing himself to save Katniss or Gale sacrificing himself for the cause).

    Prim dying was super weird because it seemed to undercut one of the main themes of the book – Katniss volunteering to protect her sister. Her death didn’t really serve any plot or other purpose that I can tell. It was just to make us sad.

    • Kaitlyn says:

      It was so weird because Collins’s greatest strength was good storytelling, and that totally fell apart at the end. :(

  2. Heather says:

    Sometimes I like to pretend that Mockingjay never happened and the series ends with Catching Fire.

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