Swim trials, dresses & fro-yo

Today was a busy and fun-filled day. Zach and I went to the Olympic swim trials with my grandpa this morning. The trials were relaxing, loud, fun, and monotonous. They’re as fun as you make them, I guess. They lasted way longer than I expected, so I was starving by the time they finished.

After lunch, my beautiful mother-in-law and I went dress shopping. Very fun, though shopping does make me tired. Therefore, wehad to stop for double shots (with soy and vanilla instead of classic–so good) at Starbucks.

To finish the day off, Zach and I met up with Pan (read Sara) for fro-yo and coffee. We sat outside and chatted the night away.

Now Zach’s playing MarioKart, and I’m about to go to bed. It’s been an absolutely wonderful day, and tomorrow looks like it won’t disappoint either.

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