Cambridge, I’ll miss you

As excited as I am to see my family and friends in the States, part of me is very sad to bid Cambridge bye so soon. The thing about Cambridge is it’s beautiful, and it’s amazing to live amid such overpowering beauty. I’m sorry Nebraska, you’ve simply nothing to offer that compares. Cambridge is the first beautiful place I’ve lived, and for all I know, it may be the last.

One of the places I’ll miss most is the market square. I went there all the time. I bought our plants there, fresh fruit and vegetables, tea, and gifts for people I love. So much goes on there, and it’s surrounded by some great-looking buildings. There’s a church in the background of this picture:

Another thing I love about Cambridge is all the bikes. Bikes are everywhere! Unless you’re inside, bikes are always in view. Cambridge is known as having the highest level of cycling in the UK and tens of thousands of people cycle in Cambridge every day. Sometimes it’s quite difficult to find a place to park. Every fence looks like this:

I’m going to miss Christ’s Pieces, not because it’s my favorite green but because of its name. Zach and I like to joke about Jesus packing heat when we walk through.

You may have noticed there are great trees here. There are a lot, and they’re huge. That’s why Sidgwick Ave. is my favorite street for cycling. It has huge, knotted trees lining the whole street, little traffic, and great brick buildings.

I also love cycling past buildings like this several times a week:

And of course there’s the lovely River Cam and its punters:

This section of the river is what I see when I look out the windows during yoga class. It’s incredible. And these aren’t Cambridge’s highlights. The city just looks great. I’m really going to miss it.

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5 Responses to Cambridge, I’ll miss you

  1. Cindy says:

    Cambridge is awesome! I can see why you will miss it!. I’m so glad we got to visit while you and Zach were there.

  2. David Morrison says:

    Wonderful memories to last a lifetime. Who knows? Maybe, you’ll return sometime. But it sounds like you need to be reminded that, “There is no place like Nebraska.”

  3. David Morrison says:

    Have a safe trip home!

  4. HelmStone says:

    As someone who went to Cambridge in the distant past (the 1980s) your blog brought back many memories and even now part of me would still move back.
    I actually stayed on a fourth year and many people who visited me felt the place was not as they remembered – much of what made it a good time was the people.
    As for me I love the place and I liked your photos.

  5. Sidney says:

    I am so glad that you have enjoyed your stay in Cambridge. It’s never easy to move on to a new chapter in your life but you are such a great writer that I, for one, am looking forward to your blog in LA!!!! Well, and maybe more Katie and Z hugs :)

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