“In the daylight anywhere feels like home”

Remember last December when I blogged about all the darkness Cambridge gets? Well now that it’s summer, we have daylight* all the time! In Cambridge right now the sun rises at 4:39a and sets at 9:19p–that’s almost 17 hours of daylight! You’ll also notice, it’s not hot here. The last few weeks have had highs in the 50s and 60s (ºF).

Back where I grew up, everyone’s getting way more heat but less daylight (probably more sunshine, though).

Only about 15 hours of daylight in Nebrasky. Meanwhile, Fairbanks is getting the most sunlight! It’s almost never dark! And oddly enough, it’s warmer there than in Cambridge.

That is outrageous. Fairbanks, AK has less than three hours of darkness per day. I’d have to invest in some heavy-duty curtains to live there.

Since my next destination is L.A., let’s see what’s going on.

Hm. That ought to convince someone to move west. Perfect weather to sit outside, drink cold brew, and play spades.

*You may not know this–in fact, I’m about certain you don’t–but I often link to music videos and other fun things in my posts. This link is for Matt and Kim’s music video for “Daylight.” It’s fun, and I think Kim has one of the best smiles I’ve ever seen. They’re so happy!
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One Response to “In the daylight anywhere feels like home”

  1. Sidney says:

    I love that video/song! I agree that Kim’s smile is awesome. The dumpster part reminds me of guitar guy performing inside the trashcan!!!

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