An uninspiring meal

Today is my last day of being in charge of cooking and cleaning. It has been a rough week-and-a-half. In addition to preparing meals, I’ve also been trying to use up our food reserves since we’re moving in about a week. Since I’ve been trying to use up our food for the past week, we don’t have much left. I had planned to go to the market and store today to pick up some fruit, pasta sauce, and salsa but didn’t because it was really rainy. That meant I was left with less than enough pasta sauce for two people. We had plenty of couscous and things to make grains and veggies but only one small jar of salsa, which is not enough. I ended up making everything. We even have some leftover food.

Today is my last day because Z takes his last exam tomorrow. Then we celebrate! After celebrating, we clean and pack. After cleaning and packing, we run around with some fun people. After running around, we fly to Nebraska. Everyone got the schedule?

In other news, I started reading Ishmael today and am loving it so far. Page 24!

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One Response to An uninspiring meal

  1. Sidney says:

    Sounds like the BEST WEEK EVER!!! With a lovely ending :):):)

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