Obama warm-and-fuzzies

I’m learning that Barack Obama and I have a lot more in common than I thought: we both have great hair, and we both have adorable marriages.

(Photo by Pete Souza)

This is such a great moment, and it’s three years old! Jacob, the little boy, is the son of a former White House staffer, and as Jacob’s family was leaving the Oval Office he had a question:

“I want to know if my hair is just like yours,” he told Mr. Obama, so quietly that the president asked him to speak again.

Jacob did, and Mr. Obama replied, “Why don’t you touch it and see for yourself?” He lowered his head, level with Jacob, who hesitated.

“Touch it, dude!” Mr. Obama said.

As Jacob patted the presidential crown, Mr. Souza snapped.

“So, what do you think?” Mr. Obama asked.

“Yes, it does feel the same,” Jacob said.

From what I’ve heard, it’s a common experience of black kids to be asked by white kids if they can touch the black kids’ hair, which is kind of weird. That’s part of what gives this moment significance. Hair can be a symbol of difference or sameness, and Jacob’s hair is the same as the president’s. Full story here.

(Photo via theGrio.com, taken on their wedding day in 1992)

I love everything about this picture. Their shoes are off. They’re lying back. They look utterly content. I wish Z and I had a photo like this. We have never had a more adorable presidential couple. Did you know Barack tucks Michelle into bed every night? They are such a great couple. They warm my heart. More cute pictures of them here.

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6 Responses to Obama warm-and-fuzzies

  1. Heather says:

    Every picture I see of them is cute. Look at these! http://viceprincipalpanch.tumblr.com/post/19405141068/obama2016-barack-and-michelle-obama Adorable.

  2. David Morrison says:

    And I hope the loving couple get to spend many happy days together, doing book tours, family vacations, giving speeches, and all the other things that former presidents do; starting at exactly 12:00 EST, January 20, 2013.

  3. celflo says:

    Great hair story!
    They are just so cute! Here are some more good ones. :)

  4. Ann says:

    Couldn’t agree more Dave!!

  5. Sharon says:

    That is such a beautiful photograph. I may disagree with his political leanings, but I am very grateful that in my own (relatively) short lifetime, we’ve spanned the enormous gap between my childhood years, when I would visit my grandparents in Alabama and see “For Colored Only” signs above restrooms and drinking fountains in public places, to having a person of color (and one providing such a precious example of how to do family) now occupying the Oval Office. The closing of that gap is absolutely, profoundly, beautiful, on every measure of human achievement. It means a lot to me personally, even though I didn’t vote for him and would rather see any number of other “persons of color” in his place right now, who might be more in line with my own personal political philosophies… but this is just one of many, many stories of how he has used his position of power to lift up and inspire an entire race of people who for many years were nothing more than second class citizens in this aspiring “land of the free,” simply because of the color of their skin. It encourages me that perhaps the American dream is truly there for all who will work tirelessly to make it a reality… if not for themselves, perhaps for their grandchildren. Thank you for posting this story and this photo, Katie. I absolutely love both of them.

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