Vegetarian week

We’re coming to the end of National Vegetarian Week here. We’ve celebrated by patronizing our favorite felafel stand, which sells only vegan and vegetarian food, and tonight we went to Churchill College‘s vegetarian formal dinner. The food was alright (Z makes better), but this time we didn’t have to constantly ask the serving staff for vegetarian dishes (they always try to give us meat even though we make requests). We had a nice time with friends.

I was surprised but excited when I learned Churchill honors National Vegetarian Week (and that there even is a NVW). This is part of an email we received from the college encouraging people to come to the formal dinner:

Why are we having a vege formal?

– Eating vegetables is healthy and delicious!
– Vegetarians are less likely to suffer from obesity, coronary heart disease, high blood pressure, type II diabetes, plus many more health related problems.
– A meat free, or meat reduced, diet is better for the environment, in terms of carbon emissions, water consumption and land usage.
– To raise awareness about animal welfare issues.
– Its a great way to try new foods and recipes.

There was a pretty good turnout (from what I can tell) though I doubt the cuisine itself is likely to convert anyone. That’s not really important, though.

What is more exciting is that two friends of mine are seriously trying vegetarianism for the first time. Yay!

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2 Responses to Vegetarian week

  1. Z Norwood says:

    Though the Oxford English Dictionary claims both spellings are correct, the Google books American English corpus records (for 1990–2000) about 14 times as many occurrences of falafel as felafel. The Google books corpus (which is colossal, btw) also indicates that falafel is rapidly becoming more popular, while the alternative spelling felafel is declining in use. (Just thought I’d post for the benefit of your readers what I just shared with you.)

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