A flock of friends

Zach and I have been spending a lot of time in our flat lately, what with him studying all the time and me thinking of blog posts. (Quick reminder: Zach has been done with classes since mid March but is being tested over his courses in early June. He has a lot of material to go over.) Add that to gloomy weather and sinus congestion (Z), and you’ve got a couple of hermits.

We do have several flying friends who like to come by and hang out in the courtyard of our building, though. We usually see two to four at a time. We’ll be alerted by a sudden flapping of wings or insistent quacks. Sometimes they’re being fed by toddlers, and sometimes they’re just walking around the courtyard. They’re usually on their feet, chasing each other or looking for food.

We found four males sunning themselves recently. They didn’t act at all disturbed that we were just a few feet away.

Then! As we were walking to CMS we saw a whole slew of baby duckies and their mom and (presumably) their father. There was also another kind of baby bird mixed in.

I also saw two cats (!) but couldn’t get a good pictures. The wildlife in Cambridge is fascinating.

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