Blog facelift

I’ve been making all kinds of changes to this blog. You may have noticed the calendar on the right. It’s not that useful, but I like it. I’ve also added a “Currently reading” widget. That may get discontinued. I’ve deleted my “Archives” list from the side-bar as well and changed “Categories” to a drop-down menu. So sleek! I guess.

The most exciting thing is the menus under the header. I figured out how to make drop-down menus. I’ve sorted my recipes into categories and have made my crochet-pattern posts a subcategory of my other posts about crocheting. I like what’s going on.

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One Response to Blog facelift

  1. rosesandtomatoes says:

    Maybe you could get a category going about “how” you made these changes. I would love to learn how to do different things on WP

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