Write with your shoulder

I found this article the other day about how you can improve your handwriting by writing with your shoulder instead of your fingers. First response: Um, my handwriting doesn’t need improving. Take a look:

That’s textbook handwriting. Well, that’s my neat handwriting. I like my handwriting, and I definitely write with my fingers and wrists. There is no shoulder action whatsoever.

You can make your handwriting better by using your shoulder and forearm–that’s how calligraphers write. Another way is to change the way you hold a pen. Learn about that here. Some people rest a pen between their first and middle finger–weird. A common way (and the preferred way) to hold a pen is by resting the tip-end of the pen on the middle finger with the shaft between the pointer and thumb. I rest a pen on my ring finger–and on my real ring finger since I’m left-handed.

I suspect that this whole shoulder-writing thing wouldn’t work well for me. I can’t have my hand moving around and rubbing all over the paper, at least not if I want to use a grown-up writing utensil. (Is that a defeatist’s attitude?) Good thing I was only browsing the web and not actually looking to improve my handwriting. (Defensive?)

I’m curious whether I know anyone who writes with his/her shoulder. I also wonder how my friend Celeste writes: she has great handwriting and is a leftie.

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2 Responses to Write with your shoulder

  1. Sara says:

    When I first read this, I was skep. But I tried it while I was writing a letter, and I think it actually did make my writing a lot better (heavens knows I need the help more than you do). Also, my hand didn’t cramp up at all, which makes a lot of sense.

  2. celflo says:

    I have been carefully observing my habits in the past week since you wrote this. I also watched the way my boss writes (because her handwriting is beautiful… and she also happens to be a lefty!)… but we both only use our hands… MAYBE some slight forearm movement, but not much. On a [loosely] related note, I am considering learning calligraphy.

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