As far as our nightly meals go, I’m the brains, and Zach’s the muscle. I make our meal plans every week, order our groceries, and make sure we have fresh vegetables and fruit. Zach cooks. The divide isn’t as clean as it sounds–I help in the kitchen, he gives input on which meals we make, and we both look for new recipes–but basically that’s how it goes.

About a month ago we downloaded a recipe manager from my Mac’s (Otis is his name, also goes by Odie) app store. There were several to choose from, but Zach picked Paprika for us.

With Paprika I can organize and store my favorite recipes,

plan menus,

and compile the ingredients I need into a shopping list.

The “Browser” feature makes downloading recipes from websites pretty easy. We do have to type out recipes from cookbooks that we want in Paprika, but we usually only add one or two at a time. We’ve registered this app on two computers (his and mine), so both of us can make updates.

I also downloaded Paprika for iPhone. This app will be more useful once we’re back in the US and doing grocery shopping in grocery stores (we’re Trader Joe’s fans). It syncs with my Mac via iCloud.

One thing that sucks about Paprika (and similar recipe-manager apps) is that it’s not a cheap download. It’s $19.99 for the Mac app and another $4.99 for the iPhone app. SousChef is $19.99 (or so the App Store says), and MacGourmet is $24.99. Fortunately, you can download demos of several recipe managers before buying, so you can see if you like it or not. Zach and I had a ton of store credit for iTunes and the App Store at the time. We don’t have much credit anymore, though.

Overall, I like my recipe manager. I like uploading pictures of meals we make and organizing recipes. I’m not particularly fond of planning meals, but it’s whatevs.

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One Response to Paprika

  1. Sidney says:

    I am a HUGE fan of Paprika and I am thankful for the app every day!!! :)

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