Back to CMS

Today was so lovely. Neither of us needed to go out, but we decided to take a stroll this evening anyway. Since I’d been wanting to take some pictures of CMS (the Centre for Mathematical Sciences at Cambridge) we went there.

This is the path Z took to classes every day. Not bad?

Here we are! The math library is the building in the background.

This is the central building in CMS. There’s a common area and cafeteria on the ground floor and lecture rooms in the basement and lots of other things. Several of the later pictures were taken from the roof of this building.

This is directly opposite the building in the last picture. This one’s for security or something.

This is the Betty and Gordon Moore (math) Library. As you may have guessed, this complex is pretty modern. It was only completed in 2003. Just as a reminder, the University of Cambridge was founded in 1209.

This was taken from the steps leading to the roof of the central building.

This is the roof! Z and some other math people had tea up there on nice days.

Taken from the roof. I would love to go to class at CMS. Andrews Hall has nothing on this.

This is Stephen Hawking’s office.

These stairs lead to the basement of the central building, where lecture rooms are. You can see four different buildings in this picture.

We saw a hot-air balloon as we left.

Nice place, huh? Between Z taking classes in buildings completed in 2003 and us living in a newly refurbished apartment (originally built in 1965) we’re not exactly soaking up old England. That’s OK, though. We like the new as well as the old.

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  1. Sara says:

    TOTES firefly.

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