Celeriac & Stilton soup

This past week Z has been so excited to make celeriac and Stilton soup. Neither of us knew what celeriac or Stilton tasted like, so I don’t know why he was looking forward to it so much. Maybe because he could tell I was skeptical. Seeing these two foods didn’t put me at ease. Stilton is this nasty-looking, English cheese that has bluish-green spots all over it. Celeriac, well, this is celeriac:

Celeriac is the root of celery. It’s a root! And isn’t it about the ugliest food you’ve ever seen? Luckily the whole outside gets chucked, and you just eat the middle, which doesn’t look as scary.

To my surprise, the soup was quite good.

The first taste was a little weird, figuring out the texture and flavor. It has the consistency of potato soup but tastes different. I guess it kind of tasted like celery, but it wasn’t too strong. Plus there was Stilton and onion and pepper involved. Next time we might leave the Stilton out and have a lighter soup.

The recipe is from Food from the Place Below. We’re really liking that book so far. The three dishes we’ve tried have been quite tasty. The only downside is that, being from a restaurant, the recipes are aimed more at being flavorful than particularly healthy.

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One Response to Celeriac & Stilton soup

  1. Sidney says:

    That is so funny! I saw this recipe and googled Celeriac ‘cuz I didn’t know what it was. That is not very inviting but the soup looks delish!

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