A mid-skill crocheter

I’m starting to consider myself a mid-level crocheter. I’ve made lots of things (4 pairs of legwarmers, almost 4 scarves, 2 hats, 2 pouches, 1 Kindle case, 1 hot pad, and 1 flower (tutorial)) and have found my bearings.

The only problem is crocheting is a monotonous craft. It takes me a while (one to several hours) to make almost anything, and I go through the same motions over and over. Sometimes I like the quiet and calm and just think my thoughts while I make stitches. Sometimes I get impatient with my work and need something to help me through.

Since I’m not a beginner anymore I don’t have to devote all my attention to the stitches, but since I’m not an expert I still have to at least look at what I’m doing most of the time. This means I can’t watch The Voice (yes, I’ve been following this season–I really wanted Lindsey to win) or Buffy (my new show) while crocheting. However, I can crochet through a show I’ve already seen (like when I re-watched Parks and Rec with Mom) or a show I don’t care a lot about (such as Frasier). I don’t really like doing that, though.

What I prefer to do is listen to something, like Radiolab podcasts. I didn’t know about Radiolab until last year when my friend Angela sent me a link to “Slow,” which is about a guy who moves and talks slowly. It made me cry. You should listen to it. I just listened to “The Turing Problem” (this one made me sad (don’t think that’s a too-common theme though)) and am now halfway through “Guts” (did you know there are about three pounds of bacteria in your body?). A nice thing about Radiolab is that it focuses on subjects I don’t know a lot about (like math and science) and approaches them in an accessible, often story-like way. Learning about something new makes me feel like I’m using my time way more effectively. Crocheting+Radiolab works out great, too, because now when I listen to podcasts I have something to do besides stare at the ceiling.

So for anyone wishing to supplement crafting, cooking, addressing envelopes, or any other tedious task, I suggest trying out some podcasts.

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