Unsteady legs

I returned to yoga today. There’s a weekly class held for Gates people Wednesday evenings. I was a little tentative about going because I hadn’t reserved a spot, which means that I go home if the room is too crowded to accommodate everyone. Turns out no one was there. Not no one but only five other people. I was used to at least 15 others, sometimes 20. A small group was kind of nice. We had enough space without having to carry all of the furniture out. The downside was which five others were there, because they were all in really good shape. There was a dancer, a yoga superstar, a boxer, some other really fit-looking guy, and a woman who seemed like she’d been practicing yoga for at least a couple of years. And then me, who’d barely done anything that counted as a workout since December.

It was fine, though. So I can’t lift my leg really high, and I wobble sometimes when I’m balancing. Is it the end of the world if these people notice? It felt good to be there. Plus it was nice seeing some of the people. One of them gave me a big hug and exclaimed “You’re back!” when she saw me. That was nice.

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One Response to Unsteady legs

  1. Sidney says:

    You go girl!

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