Sunny skies followed by rain

As predicted, today was beautiful. There were bright blue patches in the sky, and it was warmer than it’d been in weeks (64ºF!). I hit the town and bought some stuff: yarn, chestnut mushrooms, British cheddar, and fold-back paper clips. I also got my bike’s tires pumped up (tomorrow I’m getting my rear brake fixed). I didn’t have to wear a jacket, use an umbrella, or wait for a bus.

I also saw one of Cambridge’s favorite street musicians–the trash-can guitarist! This guy crams himself down into a trashcan to sing and play. Check it:

OK, so that video was shot a month ago, but I did see him again today. See:

So that was fun. And speaking of fun, people in the UK call street performers “buskers.”

I came home in time for tea and gin rummy and started a new crochet project (another scarf). Although I’d already enjoyed some fresh air and sun, Z had been cooped up all day studying so we went out for dinner. We ate at La Tasca, a tapas bar. Z had been there with the Tracys, but I’d never eaten there before. It was good, but I must admit to being a Tex-Mexer more than a fan of Spanish cuisine.

The good times couldn’t last forever, though. As we left the restaurant we noticed the ground was spotted with water and ended up biking home through rain. I can still hear it tapping on our skylight.

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3 Responses to Sunny skies followed by rain

  1. Danny says:

    I recognize the song he’s singing in the video! It’s “Mardy Bum” by The Arctic Monkeys (one of my favorite bands! Check them out if you don’t know em)

    Also, the term “Buskers” is used in the U.S too. It’s not U.K exclusive. One of my friends supported himself financially for a year by busking. It’s brutal if it’s your only source of finances. But lots of great musicians learned the craft of busking the hard way… on the streets. Some notables (pun) would be Billy Joel, and Bob Dylan.

  2. Sidney says:

    I had forgotten that Z video recorded trashcan guitar guy! Awww memories of walking the streets of Cambridge!

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