Risotto, pad thai, ratatouille, & lentil soup

Z’s been on a new-recipe kick, so we’ve made lots of new things in the last few weeks. I’ve gotten a bit behind on blogging about our dinners, so you’re going to get several in one post.

Mushroom risotto

This risotto was excellent, but if you’re not fond of ‘shrooms, you should stay away. This dish has a strong mushroom flavor. As a mushroom-liker but not lover, I had to add some cheese. (recipe via BBC)

A note on buying cheese in the UK: Most cheeses are not vegetarian, and I think this is true throughout Europe. Using animal rennet in cheese production is much more common out here than in the US. Luckily our grocer clearly marks  vegetarian items with Vs.

Pad thai

This recipe isn’t much different than the tofu pasta we make all the time, except there is a definite lime and peanut flavor in the pad thai. I thought this dish was pretty good, but it wasn’t very similar to pad thais I’ve had at restaurants. I like tofu pasta better. (recipe via About.com)

I’m conflicted about whether to capitalize “pad thai.” Garner says nothing about it. Wikipedia capitalizes both words, but the dictionary on my computer’s dashboard capitalizes neither. You can see which route I’ve taken.


The was the best ratatouille ever. Delicious. I can’t tell you what a good job Zach did cooking this. It was amazing. Unfortunately, we didn’t find this recipe online, and I’m hesitant to post it without permission. It’s from a cookbook called Food from the Place Below that we bought at Michaelhouse Café in Cambridge for £9.99. (I don’t know why it’s so pricey on Amazon. If any friends want a copy, we’d be happy to pick one up for you.) The Place Below is a vegetarian restaurant in London, and I’m so in love with their ratatouille recipe.

Lentil, roast garlic & lime soup

This recipe is also from Food from the Place Below, and it was also delicious. And extremely hardy.

Now you’re all caught up on what Z and I have been eating. So exciting, right?

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3 Responses to Risotto, pad thai, ratatouille, & lentil soup

  1. Sidney says:

    I’m always excited to see what new dishes you have tried. The pictures of your food are just beautiful! That ratatouille looks fabulouso!

  2. The risotto looks delicious. DELICIOUS!

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