One peculiar egg

One of the upsides of my temporary ban from England was I got to participate in FAT Christmas. Seeing Sara and Celeste was so good. I’d been missing them a lot. Anyway, Sara gave me this cute egg-shaped lip balm as part of a gift. I really like it and think it’s cool. I remember saying to her how I liked how big it is, because it’ll be easy to find in the bottom of a bag, but she didn’t tell me how hard it would be to keep track of this thing. I almost always put it on our big dresser after using it, but I rarely find it there. Instead, it surprises me by popping up in the most unexpected places. Take a look.

It’s the damnedest thing. It must know how to apparate or something. There’s simply no other explanation.

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3 Responses to One peculiar egg

  1. Danny says:

    You should make it be like one of those traveling stuffed animals where you take photo’s of it in all sorts of different places all over the world. “this is my chapstic-egg with the eiffel tower” “Here he is with nelson mandella!”

  2. Sidney says:

    Like Flat Stanley!
    There will always be another explanation as long as Z is around :-)

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