Tea time

Zach and I bought the best teapot today: an adorable, 24 oz. stainless-steel beauty (I’m not sure how to connect those adjectives, and Garner flew back to the US–I’m really not that great with grammar/usage, but I like learning about it).

We also bought a big tea ball. Our teapot is the perfect size for making Z and me each a mug of tea or two mugs for Z. Often when Zach has tea, I make Milo.

I had some tea earlier today because I was so excited about our pot, and though I like tea, I’m surprised some people prefer it to coffee. No matter the tea, it doesn’t have that rich luxuriousness coffee has. To the end I’ll be a tea-liker, coffee-lover.

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2 Responses to Tea time

  1. celflo says:

    GREAT teapot!!!

  2. Sidney says:

    Ohhhhh, is this a ceramic lined one?

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