The White Cliffs of Dover

Zach and I also visited Dover Castle and the Cliffs of Dover with his parents while they were in the UK. I’d never been in a castle before, so I was really excited about going inside. Of course there was an admission fee, and there were goofy tourist things (animated videos and whatnot) all over, but it was still cool. For anyone planning to visit, I’d recommend devoting several hours to Dover Castle. It has all these cool underground passages that we didn’t have time for. We thought we’d be able to roam wherever we wanted in the castle, but you can only see the passages on hour-long guided tours. Disappointing.

After seeing the castle, we trekked over to the White Cliffs. The cliffs are white because they’re partially composed of chalk. Most of the pavement near the best viewing areas has been written on with bits of the cliffs.

A Nebraska native, I’m not used to being around large bodies of water, so seeing the Strait of Dover was neat (I never got to see the English Channel when I took a train under it), and the French coastline was visible on the other side. Despite my bad experience in France, I still love the place.

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One Response to The White Cliffs of Dover

  1. Sidney says:

    That was a lovely day….looooooong walk but lovely time!

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