Vegetable korma

Did Zach and I really make vegetable korma? Yes! And it was so easy and good. Someday we want to make our own curry, but until then curry paste will do. Curry paste is just concentrated curry that you add water to. We used the korma variety in this dish.

Since we used curry paste, this was really easy to make and relatively quick. What’s great about it, though, is you could use about any vegetables you want. This would be a great option for when you have a few veggies laying around and don’t know what to do with them.

Something sort of like a recipe: We sautéed tofu, potatoes, corn, red pepper, green onion, and green beans and then added the curry paste. Being newbs, we didn’t exactly follow the curry paste instructions. I guess you’re supposed to add curry paste, cook a few min., and then add some water. We added the paste and water at the same time, so it turned out a little weird/watery, and we had to compensate by throwing a few extra spices in (including cumin!). We cooked basmati rice to go with the veggies.

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One Response to Vegetable korma

  1. Sidney says:

    Should I know what vegetable korma is? What kind of curry do you want to make? Should I share Nanny’s recipe for curry with you?

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